TG Process

The Training Ground process involves an incredible amount of intentionality and detail.

We engage a young man on four crucial platforms: spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental. This personal/spiritual development approach is multifaceted.

We are also big believers in the value of challenge and adversity. That men learn about themselves through being tested by real-life experiences and often by physically “doing.”

We also know without guidance, experience by itself can lead to mistaken ideas about ourselves and God. This danger is why we need trusted mentors to help us evaluate these moments and offer us wisdom and guidance. TG provides 50 plus mentors to walk with each participant class.

You can have confidence that every TG experience we create has a specific purpose and outcome.

Below are the six main elements of the TG experience. For a visual representation of the TG process, click below.

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Work exposes, tests, and builds a young man’s heart. Each participant will have a job that will challenge him physically and in the deepest places of his heart.  


Our goal is to create opportunities for young men to engage and experience Christ in the wilderness. Experiences that could take them to the Rocky Mountain streams fly-fishing, hiking after work through sandstone valleys, or a week of canoeing through the Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming.  


We provide young men with the opportunity to have a deeper relationship with God. We teach them to experience God through scripture, prayer, sitting in silence, and solitude.


We are honored to be surrounded by a great community of volunteers, speakers, donors, and guides. Through the program, young men will intentionally be taught, trained, and tested by 50 plus different men and women. 

Experiential Discipleship

Experience is a large part of how we believe young men develop into mature men of God. Thus, we offer discipleship through the lens of interactive and experiential teaching. We invite each cohort of young men to engage their physical world, discover their own stories, and explore their identity in Christ. 

Leadership Development

We believe that leadership is more about identity and character than achievement and productivity. All the accomplishments and accolades cannot define us or answer the more profound questions of our hearts. Only God’s deep and passionate love can anchor us. We believe God grows a young man into a leader by discovering his identity in Christ and the development of character.