Scholarships Are Available

Training Ground makes every effort to find donors and award financial aid when support is needed. Our staff reviews each application in confidence and makes award decisions based on the information you provide in this application.

Many applicants are surprised by what is available to them. Every applicant is encouraged to check with other agencies, family members, friends, or churches to see if there are funds available through them as well. We can provide a template of a support letter if that will be helpful.

Scholarship applications must arrive at the TG regional office to which you apply, no less than two weeks before the program start date.

As a policy, we do not award more than half the tuition as each participant can make half of the program fees while in the program. Once you have completed the application, please feel free to ask for a scholarship application.

Support Training Ground

We boldly ask for your support both financially and with your prayers. What give us this boldness? We believe there is nothing more transforming for college age men then an experience with Training Ground. The staff and volunteers hear every day how a Training Ground experience has changed the trajectory of many college age men. The impact is exponential. Behind every TG graduate comes a wake of better marriages, churches, communities and families. Our men are changing their area of the world one man at a time.

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