Parent FAQs

These are actual questions we have gathered over the years from parents of alumni. First, let us say thank you for trusting us in the development of your son. We are honored and take it very seriously.

Will I be able to get ahold of my son during the program? Or will he be able to contact me?

Yes, but it’s not encouraged. And the guys have a super busy schedule where they are unavailable due to work, classes, or remote locations. It might be helpful to think of this as a boot camp with the result of your son being more mature, confident, and equipped for life. Don’t call. Watch social media for a possible picture & assume that no news is good news. Oh, and send food.

What kinds of things will my son be doing?

He will be working a full-time job, attending classes and training at night on a wide variety of topics, and going on backcountry adventures on the weekends – fly-fishing, hiking, camping, etc.

What can I do to help my son?

Send food. And do your own spiritual/emotional/mental work. Read the books Wild at Heart and Boundaries and Boundaries with Adult Children. Pay attention to the messages your own heart & emotions are giving you. Pray for him.

What will it be like when he comes home?

Honestly, it will likely be a little awkward and painful. He will be different, possibly very different. It will almost assuredly be a positive change, but change is hard. He will likely see you and the world differently, and that’s ok. Military boot camp would do the same. Give both of you time and space to settle into a new normal. Treat him as an adult. Back up. He’s not a child. Trusting him to make his own decisions while still being available to talk should he want to do so will be a gift. And again, pay attention to the message any emotions you are feeling might be trying to convey. Seek a wise counselor for yourself if possible.

Remember, he is coming home with a whole new set of tools to navigate life. The hope is he will be more confident, sure of himself and his relationship with God. You may see him step into projects around the house.

What does it cost?

Each location is different. You can find more details in the location pages here.

Where will my son live during this time?

Housing is different for each location, but all participants will generally live in the same house, with trained interns (TG alumni) and staff oversight.

Will you do anything dangerous?

This is a beautiful question, and yes, we will do dangerous things, but we have extensive experience in these contexts and are familiar with these processes. We believe danger/risk is an essential part of the growth process.

What do you believe?

Check out our Mission/Vision page here. Also, reading through the TG process can help.

Will I recognize my son at the end of the program?

We believe so. Our heart is to build on the foundation you have already laid through your parenting. We see ourselves on the same team as our participants’ parents. We supplement what the guys have learned and give them the tools they may have missed to live intentional lives.

Can you provide a schedule or program overview?

The Curriculum and TG Process pages can help here.

Will this hurt or aid him in going to college?

Our goal is for the young men who engage in the TG process to launch with confidence into their next season of life. After graduating, we have young men do a wide variety of things, including getting the most out of their college experience. We have had many guys come into Training Ground without a plan, that after graduation, make plans to go to a college trade school and the military.