Is TG For Me?

There are two major things we look for in every participant. Since this is not a summer camp experience but an intentional & challenging growth opportunity, you have to want to be here and be ready to work. Therefore the desire and hunger for change and growth are enormous. If you don’t have that, you may not have the hoped-for experience.

You have to want this experience. You have to want to be challenged and to grow. Your presence here is already an indicator that you are looking for more. It doesn’t mean you won’t have doubts, know that we will walk with you through the experience. We will match you effort for effort all along the way.

The second thing we are looking for is how this fits in your life story. Looking back over your recent past, does this type of experience lead you to this next step? Often this means you have made it through some challenges that have humbled you, and you are in a place where you are open to having brother, health, and wholeness.

Do these describe you? Are you looking for a new season? Maybe a reboot in your walk with God? Or possibly a confidence-building experience that could help you mature and prepare for your next chapter in life?

Click below to hear stories from our alumni. Possibly these men may have had the same questions as you before going through the TG experience.

Alumni Stories