“If you are looking for a place to grow into the actual, true stuff of manhood, it is my privilege and joy to recommend Training Ground. The time you spend at Training Ground can shape the way you think and live throughout your life. It will give you categories of thinking from scripture, a chance to honestly think about your own story and the story you want to live, and engagement with some of the best men on the planet. If you have a chance to participate in Training Ground – do it. It will be worth it.”

– Jan Meyers, counselor, and author of Allure of Hope

“There is a blurred line between adolescence and adulthood for this generation of young people. When do you move from being a boy to becoming a man? Training Ground provides a thoughtful, spiritual environment for young men to test the water with other brothers and explore the real life issues involved in stepping over that mysterious threshold of becoming a man.”

– Joe Walters, Dean of Spiritual Formation at Colorado Christian University

“I think this is an idea whose time has come. I am personally very excited to see it succeed. I’d love for my sons to go to this.”

– John Eldredge, author of Wild at Heart

“In a day and age when more and more boys are being raised primarily by women, when pre-teens are viewing pornography as a bedtime story instead of reading about their heroes and saying their prayers, and “twenty somethings” have never worked outside of an air conditioned high-rise…Training Ground is offering transforming help through their summer program of worship, work and wilderness! Cory Smith and Brett Causey understand the process of transitioning from being a boy to becoming a man and have helped numerous college and post college ‘boys’ do just that…become men!”


“During my 35 years as a Young Life leader I have seen the amazing impact that coming alongside and being a friend and role model to a teenager boy can make. Training Ground uses these same relational principles to reach out to an increasingly unreached demographic and walk with them as they navigate the tricky rites of passage into being Christ-centered husbands, fathers, employees, men!

I highly and gratefully recommend Training Ground!”

– Pat Cummings, Special Staff Trainer for Young Life