Alumni Stories

Alumni Stories

Over the last 15 years Training Ground has had hundreds of participants. Many of shared the results of their time spent at Training Ground of which we have hand picked several below.

Pointing in the right direction

“Training Ground kind of opened my eyes to the good in life and the real reason for things.”

John Collingwood – TG Alumni

Becoming a man

“My dad wasn’t really prepared to be a husband and a father, and it affected me.”

Benjaman Eggers – TG Alumni

Learning to grow

“It was really awesome just to be with fresh new people honestly. Too, around guys that were passionate about serving the lord. “

Brandon Campbell – TG Alumni

Feeling like something was missing...

“Remembering those times, what I went through, what I accomplished, what God brought me through, and what the structure of Training Ground provided for me was the confidence to live this life well.”

Barrett Black – TG Alumni

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We boldly ask for your support both financially and with your prayers. What gives us this boldness? We believe there is nothing more transforming for college-age men than an experience with Training Ground. The staff and volunteers hear every day how a Training Ground experience has changed the trajectory of many college-age men. The impact is exponential. Behind every TG graduate comes a wake of better marriages, churches, communities, and families. Our men are changing their area of the world one man at a time.

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