How much does it cost?

We have specifically designed two pricing options so that no man could use money as an excuse not to come.

Working Program
$2,500 $5,000

You will have the option to pay part of your tuition with the money you earn with your full time job. The remaining balance is your responsibility. Find out more payment options here.

Total Cost

The total cost is $5,000. This includes your lodging, teaching, wilderness trips, and other resources you will need throughout the year.

A life defining experience.

Program Dates: June 1st- July 27th 2024

Imagine completely unplugging from your current world and taking a season engaging once in a lifetime adventure. We have been doing this program in Colorado for the last 15 years. Dozens of young men have graduated their time and gone onto successful, prosperous lives. Could you be one of them?

God has always grown men through challenge and adversity. This is not a summer camp experience. This is an experience completely committed to your future, building you up into the man God wants you to be. This time is intentionally designed with you in mind.

You will develop a lifelong brotherhood with the other men you will live with. You will connect with caring father figures in the local community. You will learn the secrets to living a life of freedom, clarity, and strength. You will adventure in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming, swept up in the glory of the wild west.

We have zero doubt that you will graduate with a clearer mind, a stronger heart, ready to press into the next season of your life with confidence in God’s faithfulness, and your God given abilities.

Stay Informed About This Adventure!


During this program, your wilderness experiences will revolve around fly fishing, hiking, and exploring in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. All of these experiences will contribute to your growth as a man of God.


Every week you will receive intentional Biblical teaching from the local Colorado Springs community including pastors, counselors, and local guides that will help to guide you through the waters of your life.


This year, your base camp will be a house in the central part of Colorado Springs. This will be your launch pad for nightly teaching, weekend adventures, and your daily work routine. It will be a space for invaluable conversations.

Learn About Training Ground

Let’s start the conversation. We know this is a big commitment, we understand you have questions and concerns. Send us your contact info through the form above and let us help you figure out if Training Ground is right for you.