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How it Works
How much does it cost?

We have specifically designed two pricing options so that no young man could use money as an excuse not to come. Just get here!

Pay Tuition Through Your Work
$0 $5,000

You will have the option to pay part of your tuition with the money you earn with your full time job. The remaining balance is your responsibility. You work around 10 full weeks during your Training Ground experience. Your total paychecks equal around 5k. So, technically you can pay your tuition in full from your earnings. We also have some young men raise part or all of their tuition through family, friends, or their church. Find out more payment options here.

Pay In Full

The total cost is $5,000. This includes your lodging, teaching, wilderness trips, and other resources you will need throughout the year.

A lifetime defining experience.

Program Dates- September 3rd-November 18th

What if you could call a time out in your life and take a break to recalibrate, reorient, and reboot your inner world with God? Setting a season aside to intentionally engage your life. Pressing into your fears and gaining victory over the places that hold you back.

We are so excited to offer this fall session in Chattanooga TN. This experience is built to look similar to our program in Colorado but the wilderness experiences are different. Your adventures include time on the Appalachian Trail, fishing the Gulf of Mexico, and experiences in the Smoky Mountains as the leaves change in the fall.

Lead by our expert staff, and trained mentors, you are in great hands. Surrounded by a trusted fellowship, you are not left on your own to figure out life. There are others that have been where you are, and can’t wait to offer wisdom and guidance. This experience is loaded with life changing teaching and relationships.

We promise that as you graduate you will never be the same. Isn’t that what you want? You will gain needed clarity, focused passion on God’s call on your life. It’s time.

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During this program, your wilderness experiences, as stated above, will be fishing in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, hiking the Appalachian Trail, and exploring the local Smoky Mountains. Also included is small local weekend adventure. There are a lot of places to get lost in the mountains of Tennessee!


Every week you will receive intentional Biblical teaching from the local Chattanooga community including pastors, counselors, and local guides that will help to guide you through the waters of your life.


This year, your home base will be a house in the central part of Chattanooga. This will be your launch pad for nightly teaching, weekend adventures, and your daily work routine. It will be a space for invaluable conversations.

Learn About Training Ground

Let’s start the conversation. We know this is a big commitment, we understand you have questions and concerns. Send us your contact info through the form above and let us help you figure out if Training Ground is right for you.