What Is TG?

“Leaders influence followers far more by the context out of which we live- body language, personal values, social relationships, dress, consumer choices, chosen companions- than the text they articulate. Leadership is not primarily a skill, although it employs skills. Leadership is a way of living that suffuses everything we do and are.”

Eugene Peterson, Pastor, Scholar, Author, and Poet

At Training Ground, we believe that leadership is more about identity and character than achievement and productivity. All of the achievements and accolades given to us when we are productive cannot alone define us or answer the deeper questions of our hearts. Only God’s deep and passionate love can anchor us. We believe God grows a young man into a leader by the discovery of his identity in Christ and the development of character.

Training Ground extends an invitation to live, see, and serve from our identity in Christ. Our mission is to grow men of character and heart who will impact their community, families, and fulfill the purposes God has for them. We love honesty, self awareness, repentance, and receiving the Father’s love in the deep places of our hearts. By providing real life experiences in work, in community, and in the wilderness, we believe God sets young men free to live intentionally from their identities in Christ.