What Is TG?

Jesus spent three years with twelve men. He lived with them, shared meals, and invited them into the Father’s heart. Jesus didn’t just sit at a coffee shop and have an hour-long Bible study with them. While the Pharisees sat collecting knowledge, Jesus took the disciples out–into wilderness, into communities, and into relationships to interact and be developed into men of God.

At Training Ground, we offer discipleship through the lens of interactive and experiential teaching. The disciples made mistakes, screwed up, and performed poorly. However, through these hands-on experiences as they walked together, the disciples were developed into men who had hearts of faith. It was not by simply contemplating the idea of God but by knowing Jesus personally and intimately.

At Training Ground, we believe by inviting young men to the engage their physical world, discover their own story and personal history, and exploring their identity in Christ is how young men are developed into mature men of God.