Weekend Adventures


OCTOBER 20-23, 2016

Our goal every fall is to make it with a group of men to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Cory grew up spending his fall seasons there catching Red Drum, Blue, and Flounder. All cooked up fresh that night. It was always a time of reflection and encouraging conversation.

So we have decided to continue that tradition. We have scheduled the time for October 20-23. It starts at dinner time Thursday night the 20th and finishes up with breakfast on the 23rd. Men of all ages are welcome. We run the time starting at dinner Thursday night through Sunday breakfast. That’s two full days of fishing. We bring both fly rods and spinning tackle. Every morning we have a devotional and at night we have some guided time from our TG staff.

This weekend never disappoints, always delivers good heart change and increases our intimacy with Christ. Come join us!


$275 gets you a bed, $175 gets you some floor space to bring your sleeping bag or hammock.

You can register here!