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Why Christian Men Love Duck Dynasty

Father, we thank you for another good day here on planet earth…you probably have memorized the rest of Phil Robertson’s prayer at the end of almost every episode of Duck Dynasty. Tonight is that the final episode of season three of the TV Show that has created a lot of buzz, and probably for good… Read more »


I got a chance to read a story from one of my favorite artist about a song he wrote for his dad. He described how he struggled with how to capture the essence of his father, a man who was 60 when he was born. He went through revision after revision. It felt like he… Read more »

Where My Heart Goes With CT

Its hard to not stop thinking about all the victims of the tragedy in CT. I have an almost 4 year old, and as a father it hits close to home thinking about my life without her. The joy and innocence she brings is absolutely priceless.   I also work full time with young men… Read more »