Training Ground Testimonials Summer 2012

See what God did this past summer in the lives of two
Training Ground graduates:

“When asked what I learned at Training Ground, what I want to say is, ‘Just watch how I live the rest of my life and you will see.’ That’s quite a bold statement.  I’m blown away by how I can say something like that with such confidence and strength. There’s no way I could have said something like that before Training Ground with such certainty and aggressiveness. This is just to show how impactful Training Ground has been for me and how empowered I am to live so fully.”

“I learned and experienced a lot during Training Ground. I saw the depth of how wrong my thinking was about myself and how certain events of my life helped reinforce that wrong thinking. I also used to have this fear that I’ll end up just like my dad. But I’m not afraid of that anymore. I have so many reasons to hate my dad, but I don’t. I feel released from him. I just see us as mere men in need of God’s fathering.”

“I also experienced the depth of my angst from what I was missing in my relationship with God. I came into the program wanting so much more of Him. I had all these beliefs about Him. Anyone could point to Scripture to reveal His character to me and I would surely agree with it all. But, in my heart of hearts, I did not live what I believed. I didn’t live as if God was really that good. I lived as if He wasn’t there for me and I was on my own left to figure everything out.”

“I now live with a greater spiritual awareness. I see how the spiritual realm is so active and ever-present in the day to day of our lives. I see how much of a danger I am to the enemy, especially by the way I choose to live my life. But, I’m not afraid about this.”

“Training Ground is the most important and pivotal thing I’ve done in my life. It is a program that is so incredibly receptive and aware of the goodness of God. Training Ground is a summer program, but it’s so much more! It’s a way of life. It’s a community that brings out men that really live, something the world is dying for and something the Kingdom depends on.”

Benjamin, Summer 2012, Recent College Graduate

“I came into the summer very insecure, very unsure of who I was as a man, and consequently who I was in Christ. I would back out of situations that called for confrontation and discernment. By the end of the summer, I was able to confront issues in my life that I had ignored for so long.”

“I am now aware of the fact that I will be in need of a few good older men to counsel me as I am back in school. I think that as someone with a newfound realization of how little I actually do know, I will stand humbly tall on a campus of kids who are unaware of their actual needs.”

“Training Ground has taught me how to love, cry, laugh, and give myself fully. I am a man who is much more alive now than he was in May. I have new appreciations for work and the great outdoors fostered and encouraged by Training Ground. I am a changed man.”

Brandon, Summer 2012, Junior, Grace College