The total cost for a young man to go through our program is $4,499.00 (the actual value is well over 15,000.) We work tirelessly to find donors who cover more than half of the cost for each young man who attends Training Ground. We also raise money to offer partial scholarships to men who exhibit a need. In addition, we have helped many young men fund raise from their friends, family, and church to pay for their program fees.

Below is a breakdown of the cost for each man to attend the program:

  • $4,499 – Initial deposit paid by attendee
  • $5,500 – Subsidized by our donors for each participant
  • $5,500- Value of Donated time by local guides and teachers
  • $15,499 – Total
  • What attendee actually pays  $4,499.00*

*Attendee’s are asked to bring $250.00 to cover personal incidentals before their first pay check.

What the fees cover:

  • 3 Extended Guided Wilderness Trips
  • Wilderness Trip Food
  • Honorariums and Fees for Instructors (We are fortunate to have excellent instructors many of whom are authors, nationally known speakers, professors, local businessmen, and professional counselors.)
  • Trip Travel Cost
  • Equipment Rental
  • Guide Fees
  • Camping / Parking Fees
  • Weekend Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Shooting Supplies
  • Fly Fishing, Fly Tying Supplies
  • Fishing Licenses
  • Three Months Lodging at TG House
  • Utilities, Water, Electricity, Gas, and Trash
  • Limited Internet Access
  • Equipment for Attendees Usage
  • Teaching Materials
  • Administrative Costs
  • Office Supplies
  • General Liability Insurance (attendee’s are required to carry personal coverage)
  • Fundraising Expenses (finding sponsors and donors for TG attendees and the ministry)