SARASOTA 2017- 2018

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So you’re looking for a new kind of “Gap Year” program?
How about a lifetime defining experience that includes:

Adventure, Wilderness
Brotherhood, Community
Mentoring, Teaching
Risk, Challenge
Hard Work, Time with God

You spend thousands of dollars on your college education so you are prepared for your future
occupation, but what have you done intentionally for your walk with God? Do you know how to
cultivate your intimacy with God? Are you prepared for the challenges that lie before you as a man?

Whether you are in college or just graduating high school, you are probably wrestling with
some questions about your life and faith. What does God want me to do with my life?
What is God’s heart for me?

We believe God uses different experiences to build a man into His desire for his life. We think that God uses time in the wilderness, hard work, and a community of older men to help a young man get his legs under him as he makes his way into the real world.

As men, we learn through experience. We process the realities of our lives through a physical world. Our bodies and hearts are closely connected as they mature and grow. At Training Ground, we believe God’s end goal is maturity and strong stewardship of His Kingdom.


During this program, your wilderness experiences will revolve around fly fishing, hiking, and exploring in and around Florida. All of these experiences will contribute to your growth as a man of God.

Every week you will receive intentional Biblical teaching from the local Sarasota community including pastors, counselors, and local guides that will help to guide you through the waters of your life.

This year, the TG lodge will be a 1920’s Florida cracker coastal home near the heart of downtown Sarasota. Training Ground also has a barn/house in the rural part of Sarasota which will be used for weekend retreats and camping.

Your work experience will include manual labor jobs, involving construction or trade work.

Start Day: September 20
Wilderness Trips: TBD
Thanksgiving Break: November 20 – 25
Wilderness Trip: TBD
Christmas Break: December 20 – January 7
Wilderness Trip: TBD
Wilderness / Graduation Trip: TBD
Graduation Day: March 24

We have specifically designed this gap year program to offer two forms of payment. Since you will be working full time, you will have the option of paying off your entire tuition during your time in Sarasota through the money you make from your job. If that is your option, you will still have money left over every month for food and entertainment. The second option is to pay your tuition in full when you start the program. The total cost is $6,600. This includes your lodging, teaching, wilderness trips, and other
resources you will need throughout the year. We created these two options so that no man could use money as an excuse not to come.

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Please contact us at if you have any questions or need more details.

Applications can be completed here and are still being accepted. We are always open to conversations and questions about your summer experience.