Who can attend Training Ground?

Training Ground is for young men ages 18-25.

Do I need to be a mountain man, grow a beard, or have experience in the wilderness?

By all means, no. There is no experience required.

I’m not in college. Is that okay?

We accept college students and non-students alike.

How many young men attend each program?

Due to the personal and involved nature of the program, we accept between 8-12 young men per program.

How do I get in?

Start with filling out this interest form.

What are the program dates?

May 20th – August 11th, 2018

What if my school interferes with these dates?

We encourage you to still apply if it is one or two days. Email us and let us know what dates you would have to miss.

What will I need to pay for while I am in the program?

Everything will be covered for you in the program with the exception of food, entertainment (movies, etc.), and any personal expenses (cell phones, car insurance, etc.). The money you make at your full time job during the summer will pay for the above expenses.  In addition, each participant will contribute part of their weekly income to Training Ground.  For more details, please see Summary of Fees

Where do we work?

You will work for companies in Colorado Springs as their employee. The first week you might be required to fill out applications around town in the trade/construction industry. You will be considered a regular full-time employee with their company. You will be expected to be on time and adhere to all their expectations.

How much money do we make?

You will make between $8 to $12 an hour.

Is this program going to make us exhausted with a full-time job?

Our mission is to be good stewards of your hearts while you are here.  We don’t intend on burning you out or giving you a “boot camp” type experience. We believe in a balance of work/play/rest and our program is set up to conform to this vision. You will experience nights of rest, nights of teaching, worship, and adventures. However, this program will challenge you physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Do I need to bring gear, a bike, etc?

All gear will be provided for the program. From backpacks, to mountain bikes, to canoes. We only expect you to come with clothes needed for all conditions which will be explained in detail upon acceptance.

Can I bring my car?

Of course. Once you are accepted, shoot us an email so we can plan on it.

Do you cover us for health insurance?

We do have liability insurance for the program. But you will need to provide proof of health insurance before you arrive.

Any other questions? Email us