Monthly Archives: February 2015

“I don’t have a problem”

It is consistent every TG summer program. Young men, say in their own way: “I don’t have a problem, I don’t need to look at my story, my family life was perfect, I don’t self-medicate and I have already worked through my issues.” Like flashing red lights on their personal dashboards, these statements are sure… Read more »

It Takes a Training Ground Community

I sat in the local coffee shop, watching the flurry of customers. Every table was full, and my eyes were glued to the largest table, where eight men in at least their 70s sat and sipped coffee. I made eye contact with one of the men, and he came over and struck up a conversation… Read more »

4 Things Men Need To Grow

Man, I really hate that title as it makes me sound like I have all the answers.  Yet now just turning 40 I honestly feel like I have more questions than I did when I was in my 20’s.  Maybe my questions are just different.  My hope and invitation as you read these 4 ideas… Read more »